One of the most crucial equipment for a DJ to have is the DJ controller. The DJ controller is a device that is made to imitate how a traditional turntable and mixer work in just one place. A DJ controller is a digital device which is similar to a mashup of two pieces of equipment.

The good thing about a DJ controller is that it allows you to use software for mixing tracks and using jog wheels, knobs, touch strips, encoders, and faders, as well as other features. Therefore, when you use a DJ controller, you get an easier connection from hardware to software.

However, it is essential to learn more about DJ controllers to be in a better position to understand them.

Back in the days, DJs only had a few devices and tools ideal for using in their work. But, over the years, thanks to technology and other creatives, DJ controllers came into the picture and made a huge impact in the world of DJs.

DJ controllers come with a microprocessor that enables you to control DJ software, instead of using the keyboard of a computer or the touchpad of your laptop. However, the only drawdown of DJ controllers is that they don’t allow you to mix sound or audio signals.

The DJ controller works by sending commands to your computer and having the software do all the mixing. That is made possible through the use of a conventional MIDI or HID protocols that communicate with the computer through the USB.

The first thing you need to do is to connect your DJ controller to the computer in order to begin the setup. You also need to ensure that you map the knobs, buttons and faders settings to the DJ software that you’re using.

If you want to confirm that everything is working fine, you can push a button on the DJ controller to see if it correctly synced with the DJ software. After confirming that everything is functioning properly, you’re set to begin all your DJ tasks.

A DJ controller also comes with an audio interface that makes your work easier. The audio interface helps to improve and amplify the sound quality to the output from the controller. This is made possible if it has a high-quality audio input and as you sample from a source. You can also integrate the audio input with the DJ controller, and in some instances, it may come as an external device.

Bottom Line

A DJ controller is an essential gadget that every good DJ must have in order to rock their audience. This is an instrument that gives them the power of storing music that will then be queued and looped for the delight of their audience.

You will be able to utilize the abilities of a computer with this gadget, which is much improvement from traditional CDJs. It is also important to note that a DJ controller is also much cheaper than such two turntables. So giving a DJ efficiency at an affordable rate.