Scratching is like the DJ vocal over an instrumental. You can use scratching to hype the crowd up. Additionally, scratching has emerged as a great way to show off what you are made of. Scratching is very similar to stuttering words. What equipment do you need to learn how to scratch? You will have an easy time scratching if you already have a DJ set-up.

Do you want to be an expert in scratching? In that case, you need to have two different things that include a mixer and CD. It is advisable to look for a mixer with a good cross-fader curve. What if you are using a club oriented mixer? It should have a fade point on it. It is where you fade one deck into the other. If you don’t want this, you can consider a straight open cross-fader.

Nowadays, the most reputable manufacturers make their mixers with cross-fader adjust knob. This helps you to get a good curve. So, how can you scratch on a DJ controller? In this article, we will look at the easiest ways to scratch on a DJ controller.

Baby scratching

There is no doubt it is the simplest scratch you will ever come across. The principles will be the same whether you are using CD’s or controller. If you are using vinyl, it is advisable to stick a marker on the center of the vinyl. The marker acts as a reference point. The sound begins on the marker. The best way to do it is lining up with the tone arm.

If you like using CD decks, you should consider having a display in the center of the jog wheel. You can install a marker that will serve the same purpose. Most controllers in the market are manufactured with this. Alternatively, you can find it on the screen in the deck section of your software.

After finding the start of the sound, you can move it back and forth. People prefer doing it without a beat. Once you are happy with the results, you can add some music. You will have an easy time perfecting this scratch. The most notable thing about this scratch is that you don’t need the use of the cross-fader.

The drag scratch

You should open the fader after the sound have started. From there, you can adjust the sound back and forth. Again, do it without a beat. Afterwards, you can add some music. It might look very simple, but you need to have this skill. This will help you to perform more complicated scratches in the future.

The scribble scratch

It is a modified baby scratch. In this scratch, you will be required to use the same technique.

Final thoughts

It is important to set-up your cross-fader correctly if you want to learn how to scratch. Additionally, you should carefully check out your settings. After perusing the above content, you will have an easy time scratching your controller. We hope that this information will be helpful in the future.