If you are in search of an article that will explain in easy to understand terms how to hook up a DJ controller to an external mixer, you have come to the right place. Before we get started, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. In order tohook up a DJ controller to an external mixer, you will need:

  • A “DJ” controller with a master output (RCA, XLR, ¼”, etc.)
  • An external mixer that has input connections
  • The correct cables for connecting the mixer to your controller

Not all new DJs are aware that at many venues you will be forced to hook up your DJ “controller” to an external mixer. So, it is essential that you have the right kit with you and that you also know how to hook the two things up easily and quickly. When a venue has a PA system ready for you to use, it is very common that you will need to hook upt your DJ “controller” to an external mixer.

Connecting your DJ controller in 3 Easy Steps

Are you worried about an upcoming gig where you will be using the PA system at the venue? A place where you will be forced to hook up your DJ “controller” up to an external Mixer? Below are 3 steps that are very easy to follow:

  • Firstly, hook up the cables to the controller output. Depending on the model of your DJ controller, you will have one or more master outputs- Let’s take as an example a Pioneer DJ “controller” that has two outputs. It’s best to stick to the master output, even though technically you could also choose to use the booth output. It is only necessary to hook up to one of the outputs channels. You can choose to hook up using the cords of your choice; we recommend RCA or XLR cords.
  • Hook up the other end of your set of cables to the mixer. On the mixer, you will find at least 1 “line” input where you can plug the other end of your cables in. Depending on the type of connections, you may need to use an adaptor, so it is handy to have one with you at all times. The connections you may find include XLR, RCA, and RCA to1/4”.
  • Final preparations and sound-check. Now you have your cables connected to both your DJ controller’s master output as well as to the line input of the mixer, it’s time to do a sound-check. When carrying out your sound check, ensure that the master and the channel volumes are turned up on thel mixer. If you are plugged into input channel number 1, you will need to turn the volume up for channel 1, etc…

Tips for your sound Check

When carrying out your sound check it is preferable to use line input as opposed to Phono. Phono will resonate awfuly when it is used for connecting to a DJ controller.”Phono” jacks are more commonly used for connecting turntables and have different jacks on them from standard inputs.

When carrying out a sound-check, put the volume up as high as you can on the controller output without clipping the sound. When you do this you will be able to use the exterior mixer’s main outputs for fine-tuning.

When using an external audio interface, it will be necessary to first hook up your DJ controller to it. Once you have connected your DJ “controller” to the audio interface, you can then go on to hook up the sound card to your mixer.